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Build your own robots that drive, crawl, slither, and glow. Elegant constructions with infinite possibilities!

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Cubelets are magnetic robot blocks that snap together to make an endless variety of robot toys. Without wiring or programming, you and your youngsters can build thousands and thousands of tiny robots!

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Ages 4+ / Free shipping in the USA


Meet MOSS, part robot construction system, part mind-boggling robo-tech from the future. These little building blocks of invention combine to create a universe of robot toys. Harness your inner inventor and see what you can build!

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Ages 8+ / Free shipping in the USA

Educational robots

See how hundreds and hundreds of educators use robots to teach a spectrum of subjects from biology to computational thinking.

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Periodically Posed Queries

  • What is a robot? +

    Put simply robots are a machine that can sense, think and act. Building your own robot is a lot of fun! Plus, building robot toys provides play driven learning opportunities that explore design, engineering, and emergent behavior in complex systems.

  • Which Modular Robotics system is right for me? +

    Cubelets are designed for children 4 and up, and adults love them too. Cubelets are remarkably simple to play with and a great starting point for budding robot enthusiasts. MOSS is designed for children 8 and up, and yes, adults love them too! MOSS provides a slightly more challenging build experience and incorporates elements of kinematic design. Be sure to check out the page MOSS and Cubelets pages for more information.

  • I don't know how to program, can I still play? +

    Yes indeed! MOSS and Cubelets don't require programming to build and play. But if you'd like to expand your play experience and reprogram your robots to behavior differently, you can use one of our free programming environments!

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Robots we make in the USA

We proudly assemble these little robot toys in Boulder CO, using parts from all over the world.

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