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Pittsburgh! Kids & Creativity

A tip of the hat to Pittsburgh’s Kids & Creativity group – a loosely linked collection of artists, media folk, museum directors, hackers, teachers, professors, businesses, philanthropists, all working to make the Pittsburgh region an amazing place to be a kid.   And because Pittsburgh is a center for both technology and the arts, many of the projects work at this intersection.  The group — now about a hundred strong — meets monthly for a vibrant exchange of information and ideas, and yesterday’s meeting at the Carnegie Science Center was a flood of conference and meeting reports, from the Game Developers to Interaction Design for Children to SIGGRAPH.   I’m relatively new to Pittsburgh (5 years now) and through Kids and Creativity I get to hang out with the most amazing and committed and imaginative people.  Kudos to Gregg Behr, executive director of the Grable Foundation, who seems to know everyone and has that special knack to bring very disparate worlds together.

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