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We don’t use Molex

Molex is a big, 75-year-old company that makes electronics connectors and other little fiddly bits that you’ll find in iPhones, network gear, and consumer electronics. Today, Molex announced that they were going to be acquired by Koch Industries. If you don’t know or care who the creepy Koch brothers are, then super, we’re done here. But if you do, I thought I’d mention that Modular Robotics uses no Molex connectors in any of our products, and after today’s news we’ve written that rule into our design guidelines for all future products.

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  • Blair Anderson

    Hi Eric,

    Congrats on the kickstarter success and I applaud your decision to manufacture locally. Was curious what your beef with the Koch brothers was. I’m doing some independent development of my own and would prefer to avoid using suppliers that are involved in questionable practices.


  • Here’s some information on Wikipedia about the political activites of the Koch brothers.

    We all vote with our wallets. As a scientist, the oil, gas, and climate issues are pretty serious triggers for me.