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We are Moving, Right Now

Modular Robotics is moving!  We’ve been in our current space for almost three years, and it’s time for an upgrade.  Three times the square footage, two times the ceiling height, and three times the number of bathroom stalls.  And for the first time, we’re not just using my truck to move!  Team modbot has arranged for a series of trucks, riggers for the SMT equipment, and a real moving company to move the office.  The elf team is currently working on moving the inventory.


The new space is amazing.  It’s a former post office!  It’s a former Coca Cola bottling plant!  It’s super weird!  We’ve been working on a renovation with Tres Birds Workshop for the last six months and it’s finally ready; inspections are complete and the certificate of occupancy is in hand.  I won’t belabor the description since I’m confident that many blog-worthy shenanigans with forklifts and rollerskates will ensue, but it’s currently looking eerily empty.

modular robotics new space

While we’re making this transition, please note that our address has changed.  Send all boxes of chocolates, fruit baskets, or tiny robots in need of maintenance to:

Modular Robotics
1860 38th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

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