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Cubelets Challenge: Blinky Bot

This robot uses a reprogrammed Flashlight Cubelet to cause it to blink faster and faster as the sensor values it receives increase. Turn up the music; you’re ready to party with your very own strobe light robot! OK, ok. This robot might not be the life of the party on its own, but it’s an easy example to get started programming Cubelets.

Robot Instructions:

You’ll need the following Cubelets:

In addition to the Cubelets listed above, you’ll also need to download the custom code. Click to download strobe.c.

  1. The first thing you need to do is snap all four of the Cubelets together. Since you’re only reprogramming the Flashlight block, it doesn’t matter how they are assembled. Turn on the battery and you’re ready to start reprogramming.
  2. Next you’ll need to pair with Cubelets Flash and reprogram the Flashlight Cubelet. If you’re unfamiliar with Cubelets Flash, be sure to watch this helpful tutorial video.
  3. Reprogram the Flashlight Cubelet with the strobe.c file you downloaded.
  4. Once you’re reprogrammed your Flashlight Cubelet, give your sense block some excitement (bring your hand close to a distance sensor or twist the knob, for example). PARTY TIME!!!

Note: When your dance party is over, you can restore your Flashlight Cubelet to their default programming with Cubelets Flash. Just reconnect your robot, then select the Cubelet you’d like to restore. Then click “Restore Default Firmware.”

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