Introducing Cubelets

Cubelets are little robotic blocks that you can snap together to make bigger robots that drive around, do smart things, and act like they’re alive. With no programming involved, Cubelets are totally different from other robotic construction kits. Each little cube talks to its neighbors, and in the same way that flocks of birds can end up doing surprising things, robotic actions emerge from all of the interacting cubes.

I’ve been working on this project since 2006 so I’m pretty excited to finally unveil the kit’s new name and logo. The kit used to be called roBlocks, but there was some trademark hassle. Moxie Sozo, a Boulder-based graphic design studio, did this fantastic logo design for us. Gorgeous web site coming soon.

We’ll have kits for sale on before the end of this year!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Cubelets

  1. Congrats on your first offering. Web site is intriguing. Best of luck to you!
    Judy (Miles’ mom)

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