10,000 More Circuit Boards

When I was a kid, I remember hearing about an inspired teacher who tried to convey how large a million is by dropping a million kernels of popcorn on his students from some trap doors in the ceiling. I always secretly wished that one of my teachers would do the same thing. Would a million popcorns cover the floor? Would they be a foot deep? In case you’re curious about how much 10,000 tiny circuit boards is, I’m happy to report: they’ll almost bury you! If you’re sitting in a very tiny room.

We used a robot to place the components on our earlier run of 2000 circuit boards, but we placed components on the rest of the boards ourselves, with tweezers, here in Boulder, Colorado. We look like a little factory these days. Eric will be in China at the end of January retrieving the plastic pieces we need to assemble complete Cubelets and they’ll be available soon after that!

5 thoughts on “10,000 More Circuit Boards

  1. Do you all give, for lack of better terms, tours? I’d love to check out the assembly process and see these things IRL!

  2. @Wess If you’re in Boulder, I’d be happy to show you around our little shop. Sending you email now.

  3. I´m from Brazil and my daughter (4 years old) liked the modules! on your main page, she said she want this, where can buy these square things, on a supermarket?

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