Cubelets Packaging Design Competition

Packaging Design Cubelets drawing
OK, so we’re getting ready to ship our first 100 Cubelets kits, and we’d like to do better than just putting them in a big padded envelope. So, we’re asking for your help in spreading the word about our Packaging Design Competition. Basically: design a package for shipping and storage of our 20-block Standard Cubelets Kit and win a $1000 cash prize and/or a Standard Cubelets Kit. The rules and details are simple enough; the competition ends April 15, 2011.10

2 thoughts on “Cubelets Packaging Design Competition

  1. It will make it easier if you also provide a high-resolution file for the cubelets logo, as well as other trademarks, product warnings, specifications, etc that you intend to put on the final package.

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