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Bluetooth® Cubelet

Remote control or reprogram! Add to any Cubelets kit to extend your robot.

The Bluetooth Cubelet contains a tiny Bluetooth radio that you can pair with your phone, tablet or PC.

The Bluetooth Cubelet is compatible with iOS and Android devices!

Android CompatibleiOS Compatible

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  • For ages 4 and up.
  • Cubelets are lead free. Please see our FAQ for safety questions.
  • Cubelets are assembled in Boulder, CO from components made all over the world.

Questions? Find some answers in the Cubelets FAQ.

Build with Bluetooth

Reprogram and remotely control your Cubelets.

Click the play button to learn more about the Bluetooth Cubelet.

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Mobile Apps

  •  Cubelets Control +

    Cubelets Control is a mobile app that connects to a Bluetooth Cubelet. It does two things: it can remote control up to six Cubelets, and it can also read their values. So you can communicate both ways with your Cubelets robot: read and write.

    App Store Android Market
  •  Cubelets Log +

    Log allows you to plot Cubelet values over time so you can visualize their behavior. Connect your Bluetooth Cubelet, then select up to six other Cubelets to log.

    App Store
  •  Cubelets Sketch +

    Use Sense Cubelets to draw sketches! Connect to your Bluetooth Cubelet, then select two Sense Cubelets: one to move the cursor left and right and the other to move up and down. Use two knobs to draw like an Etch-A-Sketch® or use distance sensors to draw by waving your hands!

    App Store

Desktop App

  • Cubelets Studio +

    With Cubelets Studio running on your Mac or Windows PC, you can connect to a robot, see which Cubelets are connected, see the program that they're running and reprogram any or all of your Cubelets wirelessly.