I run a toy robot company called Modular Robotics. We make Cubelets, a robotic construction kit and are developing a few other products too.

In 2008-2009 I was a Visiting Scientist at the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab in Ithaca, New York. In 2008, I finished my PhD from the Computational Design Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University where I worked on roBlocks and the Erstwhile Agent, an evolutionary design program for modular robotic constructions. Cubelets were recently featured in Ars Technica, the Make blog, and in Wired. They're currently being shown at the Museum of Modern Art's Talktome exhibit.

roBlocks Cubelets
A robotic construction kit created to scaffold children's learning of math, science and control theory concepts. Formerly "roBlocks." Now at www.modrobotics.com
stickybricks StickyBricks
An adhesion-based modular robotic system.
Graphmaster Graphmaster
A tangible construction kit for exploring connectivity. Uses EL wire and capacitive sensing. With Ben Wojtyna and Nwanua Elumeze.
egglet Egglet
The Egglet is a hardware/software system designed to encourage musicians to experiment with sensor fusion concepts.
sporto Sporto
Sporto is a little expanding robot designed to encourage users to meet their exercise goals. With Vincent Crossley and Min Kyung Lee.
triBoingus triBoingus
An inexpensive, robust three-wheeled robot base intended for remote exploration and land mine detection.
fadelet FADElet
A thumb-actuated digital audio fader controller built to allow turntablists to scratch and fade with one hand.
Flexy Flexy
A computationally enhanced hub and spoke construction kit with real-time graphic feedback.
Randy Randy
A small robot with infrared sensing capabilities, wavefront navigation, and a unique method of locomotion. With Michael Weller and Bruce Burnett.
Digital Clay Digital Clay
A little program which interprets perspective sketches as 3D models.