What ages are Cubelets appropriate for?

Cubelets are designed for kids age 8 and up.  Adults often enjoy building with Cubelets as well.


What's all this about pre-ordering?

A limited number of Cubelets are available for pre-order. Basically, you pay now, and we ship you a kit when it's ready. The estimated ship date that you see on the product page is incremented by our smart backend system as more people place pre-orders.  Eventually, we'll have Cubelets in-stock and ready to ship, but right now we're working hard to scale up manufacturing to meet demand.  Hence, pre-orders.  Please note that your card will be charged when you place the pre-order.

Do you offer an educator's discount?

Sorry, we don't offer an educational discount or discounts to any groups.

Building Robots

How do I start?

Take a look at our Getting Started Guide.

Why isn't my robot driving?

  • Do you have a Battery Cubelet on your robot?  Every robot needs a Battery Cubelet to supply power.  Is the Battery Cubelet turned on?
  • Do you have a Drive Cubelet?  A robot needs wheels to drive.
  • If your robot has Battery and Drive Cubelets and is just sitting there, perhaps it needs a Sense Cubelet to provide some stimulus.  Maybe your robot will drive according to light levels, or maybe you'll design it with Distance Cubelets so that it can follow or avoid things.

How do I program Cubelets?

Each Cubelet comes with a standard program that lets you build robots simply by connecting cubes.  When you build, you're building the physical robot, but you're also building its behavior, through the connected blocks.  If you think about it this way, the robot is the program.

Some older kids and advanced users will want to change the programming in each block.  This functionality isn't available yet, but we're working on it.  We have a
Bluetooth Cubelet in the lab that we're testing -- it offers a nice way to connect to a Cubelets robot from a PC or phone, see the code that each Cubelet is running, then modify and wirelessly reprogram each Cubelet, right from an online IDE in a browser window.  We expect that we'll launch our Bluetooth Cubelet in early 2012.  In the beginning, kids will program in C, but we're working on a Cubelets API and playing with some other "little languages" that may make the system more accessible for younger kids.

Making Cubelets

Where are Cubelets made?

Cubelets are assembled in the USA from components that are made all over the world.  Modular Robotics is located in Boulder, Colorado.  Factories in China, Japan, and the USA manufacture various pieces of our robots then send them to us in Colorado, where we put them together, test, and ship them.


Are magnetic toys dangerous?

Eating or inhaling tiny magnets can be fatal.  In 2006 and 2007, the Consumer Products Safety Commission ordered a recall of millions of Mega Brands' Magnetix kits, finding that the little magnets were improperly attached and could fall out.

Modular Robotics is committed to making the safest magnetic toys ever produced, and we are working with the industry to set better guidelines for using magnets in toys and to improve testing criteria and oversight.  The magnets inside of Cubelets are not just glued in, they are mechanically attached so that they cannot fall out.  Cubelets contain magnets, batteries, and motors.  They are only for children age 4 and up, and kids should always be supervised when playing with them.

Are your kits lead-free?

Our kits contain no lead and are independently tested by Intertek, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.  Our kits are compliant with US CPSIA and ASTM standards.


What should I do if one of my Cubelets is broken?

Cubelets come with a one year warranty against design and manufacturing defects.  If you have a broken Cubelet, send it back to us (you pay postage), we'll repair or replace it and send it back to you (we pay postage).