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Making Tiny Robots

26 assembly workers in our little factory in Boulder, CO USA can pump out thousands of robots per week.
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How We Do It.

A while back we decided it was time to make stuff in the United States. So we started a factory that would leverage game mechanics, automation and agile feedback loops to bring back local manufacturing. We believe that an intelligent approach to manufacturing can and will create jobs. It is all in the name of building the best robots possible. We also rely on wizardry… lots and lots of wizardry.

Where We Build.

Nestled near the foothills of the Rockies is a little place called Boulder. Boulder is an old hippy town, home to the University of Colorado, and a booming entrepreneurial community. Between the organic food companies and the old train tracks you’ll find a wacky little robot shop called Modular Robotics. Our bustling factory is home to more than 50 people who spend everyday working to bring modular robots to life.

Why Local Manufacturing?

We keep things local to create the most agile team possible. Making one product is hard, making 20 products is harder, and making 20 products that fit together in multitudinous variety is much, much harder. Doing that twice over…well, you get the point. So our entire team is under one roof, and that allows us to quickly react and optimize our efforts to meet the challenges we face building thousands and thousands of tiny robots.

Surface Mount Technology

Learn more about the robots that help us make robots.

Watch the video to see how MOSS and Cubelets circuit boards are made.

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