Who is Modular Robotics?


Eric Schweikardt
CEO & Design Director
Mark D. Gross
Research Director
Christie Veitch
Education Director
Paul Budnitz


Stephane Constantin
Electronics Designer
Jon Hiller
Director of Engineering
Eric Lundby
Software Developer
Donald Ness
Software Developer
Neville Dewitt Pierrat
Neil Severson
Electrical Engineer
Chris Borke
Firmware Intern


Stu Barwick
Marketing Manager
Laure Levin
Director of Sales
Jon Moyes
Systems Engineering & Support
Emily Plage
Customer Service & Office Manager
Keegan Ridgley
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
Scott Shambo
Director of Supply Chain
Lucas Spaulding
Director of Finance
Courtney Walsh


Matthew Capron
Director of Production
Sawyer Bernath
Electronics Lead & Software Developer
Kristin Yen
Master Planner & Mechanical Production Manager
Production Elves:
  • - Alisia Barringer
  • - Audrey Briel
  • - Chris Cerjak
  • - Colbea Chamberlain
  • - Jenny Chambers
  • - Kevin Cianfichi
  • - Diana Cravens
  • - Christopher Cypser
  • - Richard Deanda
  • - Joshua Eberl
  • - Magen Edmiston
  • - Joe Ferry
  • - Ying Her
  • - Trevor Horwith
  • - Vallen Hutton
  • - Sandra Pacheco
  • - Thad Reeves
  • - William Rickert
  • - Raziel Scher
  • - Connor Summeril
  • - Ian Swett
  • - Eng Teck
  • - Casey "Chips" Theriot
  • - Eric Wernert
  • - Jeff Wilkins
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Advisory Board

Edith Ackerman is Visiting Scientist at MIT. She has been Senior Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory and Associate Professor at the MIT Media laboratory, strategic researcher and interaction designer at INVIVIA, Inc., and content provider and concept designer at LEGO. She serves on the boards of Altran Foundation for Innovation, France, and Child Research Net, Japan. She is a member of Kaleidoscope, a network that brings together European teams in technology-enhanced learning and an advisor for the San Francisco Exploratorium’s science, art, and technology program.

Illah Nourbakhsh is Professor of Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, where he directs the Community Robotics, Education, and Technology Empowerment (CREATE) Lab. His many projects include the Toy Robots Initiative, aiming to commercialize robotics technologies for education and entertainment, the GigaPan high-resolution robotic panoramic camera, and the Global Connection Project, which uses images to connect, inform, and inspire people to become engaged and responsible global citizens.

David Rea is Co-founder and CEO of software company Nearest Island, in Boulder, Colorado. For seven years (2000-2007) he was Director of Technology Assessment at global private equity firm General Atlantic, responsible for technology due diligence on prospective investments, supporting deal teams across all sectors and geographies. Previously David was a senior software engineer at Cornice Communication Inc, and technical director of the Physics 2000 educational software project at University of Colorado.

Nathan Seidle is CEO of SparkFun Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, a company he founded in 2003 as an undergraduate student in electrical engineering. The company, which has grown to over 80 employees, provides tools, hardware, and other resources for artists, engineers, prototypers, and hobbyists to “play with cool electronic gadgetry”. He is an accomplished engineer, innovator, and bootstrapping entrepreneur.

Bob Wanke is President of ADV Marketing Associates LLC , Pittsburgh, PA. With more than 25 years in business leadership, Bob was a senior executive for Parker Brothers video games, Coleco’s Consumer Electronic Division and Matchbox Toys. He was instrumental in several internet start-ups, including DC-based Liquidation.com. Bob received his BA and MBA from the University of Virginia.

Jane Werner is Executive Director at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, a jewel in the Charm Bracelet of that city’s cultural institutions and an award-winning fun place for children and their families to play and learn. A trained artist, Jane supports innovative exhibits and activities that engage the community with arts, design, science, engineering, and technology.