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Cubelets Arduino Shield

Cubelets utilize a unique communication protocol which is loosely based on the USART protocol. To help test Cubelets' ability to communicate, we designed the Cubelets Arduino Shield. This is a special board which encapsulates the core functionality of 6 individual cubelets, and exposes their functionality via an i2C-compliant (two-wire) communication bus. The result is an easy-to-integrate product that allows 6 Cubelets to be emulated for testing of each of the 6 faces of a Cubelet - simultaneously!

We've also developed a super simple Arduino Library to make working with this board really easy. Feel free to download the Library and start experimenting! Unfortunately the guys in suits won't let us open-source the Cubelets-proprietary firmware, but we've convinced them into letting us give you the compiled hex code for each of the 6 Cubelet Microcontrollers. Download all of them, grab your ICSP programmer and get to work!



Cubelet Arduino Shield v20-stacked.jpg
Cubelet Arduino Shield v20-1.jpg
Cubelet Arduino Shield v20-Schematic Page1.png
Cubelet Arduino Shield v20-Schematic Page2.png