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The building blocks of better thinkers.

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NEW Cubelets Discovery Set

Build more robots with the Cubelets Discovery Set. The Discovery Set is the first Cubelets set to include the Bluetooth Hat, a fast and easy link to the new Cubelets app. With the free companion app, you can remotely control your robot constructions and explore hundreds of robot-building possibilities using Personality Swap, a new feature that changes the behavior of any Cubelet with the touch of a button.

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Designed for all learners

Cubelets are the world’s first robot blocks! Uniquely designed, individual blocks are robots that snap together with magnets, teaming up to create thousands of novel robot constructions, each with new behaviors. Harnessing students’ natural curiosity, Cubelets captivate all ages* and scale to all skill levels.

*Cubelets are for builders ages 4+

Complex lessons made simple

Engaging and intuitive, Cubelets are an ideal point of entry into computational thinking. Students can design and redesign robot constructions with ease, using the robot blocks to model real-world behaviors and to launch students into a new world of creativity and critical thinking.

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Learn How Cubelets Work

Cubelets are robot blocks for building robot constructions that

inspire better thinking through play. Press play to learn more!

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Knowledge made visible

It’s easy to see which STEM concepts students grasp when they build with Cubelets, taking the guesswork out of student assessment. To make things even simpler, we provide progress-monitoring trackers, assessment ideas, and more!

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Creating connections

Cubelets are a perfect tool for collaboration and teamwork. Students naturally communicate with each other as they share their Cubelets designs. Plus, Cubelets model many different behaviors, making them easy to connect with any subject area and established curricula.

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The building blocks of programming

Cubelets teach the principles of coding right out of the box -- no screens necessary. Students learn the basics of programming logic and troubleshooting as they build robot constructions, all without having to learn a single line of code. As they advance, they can apply these computational thinking skills to traditional programming, in Blockly or C, with Cubelets.

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Help and Support

Connect with other Cubelets constructors in the Forum, find in-depth support documentation in the Knowledge Base, or contact our helpful support team. You’ll find everything you need in the help section.

Help and Support

Cubelets Getting Started Guide

New to Cubelets? Visit the Cubelets Getting Started Guide to learn helpful tips and other useful information about Cubelets Robot Blocks!

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Can't wait to play? There's a 5-minute video version to jumpstart your creative potential!