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Packaging Design Contest Winners

It’s been a lot of fun watching submissions come in for our Cubelets Packaging Design Competition. We received 12 entries, most via email, although a couple of the submissions were physical, and one was a video entry. Sadly, no interpretive dance entries. We had a great time judging and discussing the relative merits of the different approaches and styles.

Design: Helle Schou Pedersen

I’m happy to announce that we picked Helle Schou Pedersen’s design (above) as the winner. It’s a simple design — a cardboard box with labeling and some cutouts — but it is elegant, sustainable, robust, and inexpensive to produce. Helle sent her entry from Denmark and she’s received a prize of US$1000 and a Standard Kit of Cubelets.

Design: Liam Ward

Second place goes to Liam Ward, whose design (above) uses a molded paper pulp inner box with a printed paper sleeve. Molds like this can be made from recycled material, although we haven’t found a supplier that’s interested in making any less than 20,000 boxes of one type. Liam’s design might not be easy to use in practice as the strong magnets would click the Cubelets together, preventing them from sitting nicely in their little holes, but the dividers could easily be removed to allow a solid 20 Cubelet “brick” to nest in the paper pulp. Liam sent his entry from the UK and receives a Cubelets Standard Kit.

Here are some photos of a few more outstanding designs. Thanks for participating!

Design: KP
Design: Soo Yeun Ji
Design: Jason Falconer
Design: 鄭 大志若貓-隼人
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  • Considering you guys said you wanted bright colors, it looks like you went with the dullest of the bunch! The winning entry doesn’t seem to have room for the charger accessories… does it?

  • Hi ModRob team! The winning entry has the merit of being simple and cheap to produce. My congratz to Helle!

    But I have to agree with Robotbling about the dullness and apparent lacking of space to accomodate charging accessories. Remeber you need to include booklets with basic instructions too.

    I was expecting something more durable, considering it will need to endure an educational lab environment and some abuse from the children… something like a plastic or tin toolbox, rugged in the corners and with internal slots to clip in the modules and keep them from attracting each other out of place.

    Thinking of it, be aware your kit will be act basically as a giant magnet, atracting every metallic bit near it, interfering with instruments and attaching firmly to mettalic surfaces =]

    Good luck to you all! Your product is going to be a great success!

  • Liam Ward

    Congratulations Helle for your design!! Brighter colours can easily be added and the size of the box etc is not ultimately final at this stage. The cut-outs add a great aesthetic and act like little viewing windows.

    Robotbling, I don’t see a design with your name on it. From your posts while the competition was still live I was sure you had the winning entry!!

    In contrast to what Robotbling and ClaytinJr are saying about the ‘dullness’ of the winning entry, I feel some of the other designs are a bit garish and that the winner was chosen correctly.

    Good work.