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Maker Faire

Maker Faire was something. We were expecting a crowd, but we weren’t expecting the madness created by thousands of kids clamoring for Cubelets over the two full days. It was amazing! Although the four of us that went to San Mateo are still a little exhausted, I’m happy to report that Cubelets are indeed tremendously fun to play with. Everyone was excited to build robots, from a few four-year-olds to a huge mass of 7-13 year olds, to a bunch of nerdy adults, and not just a few robot scientists. The mass of kids literally pushed our table back — we had to slide it forward every hour or so. And we got three Education Awards! I was so busy demo’ing that I barely had time to walk around, but there are a few photos of kids and robots on our Facebook page.

We learned a lot at our first Maker Faire and are looking forward to coming back with a bigger, badder (giant inflatable Cubelets?) setup. In the meantime, I’ve updated our FAQ with some of the more common questions from the last weekend. See you in NYC in September?