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Cubelets and LEGO® Bricks

The cool thing about construction kits is that there are so many of them. A good construction kit abstracts something difficult away and lets kids build at a level that they wouldn’t normally be able to build at on their own. LEGO® abstracts away joinery, Erector Sets abstract away measurement, MOSS abstracts a lot of the complexity involved in kinematics, and Cubelets asbtract away the Sense, Think, and Act behaviors that make a robot.

Now, with these little adapter plates, you can combine the best parts of Cubelets and LEGO® to build robots that not only function, but do so with flair.  They’re simple: little yellow plastic plates with a Cubelet connector on one side and a LEGO® connector on the other.  From now through the end of the day on December 2, we’re including a free four-pack of Brick Adapters with every Cubelets order over $75.

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  • andrew burton

    Yahoo! You ModRobotics elves are hitting them out of the park this month. 🙂

  • wow your brick robos are really awesome..