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Cubelets Blockly

Cubelets Blockly is a free coding environment for Cubelets® robot blocks. This learning tool is powered by Blockly, which is a visual programming language originally developed by Google. Cubelets Blockly is available for macOS, Windows, and iPad. The combination of syntax free drag-and-drop programming and the expansive Cubelets Blockly tutorials means you can begin adding unique behaviors to your Cubelets constructions in no time.

Cubelets Flash

Prefer the traditional approach to programming? With Cubelets Flash you can upload custom programs to any of your Cubelets by dragging and dropping C files. Cubelets Flash is the most powerful way to personalize your Cubelets. Recommended for those that want to move beyond the visual programming offered by Cubelets Blockly.

Bluetooth Cubelet

In order to program Cubelets, you will need a Bluetooth Cubelet. If you don’t have one yet, pick one up today to open up endless possibilities with Cubelets.

Get The NEW Cubelets Mobile App

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    The NEW Cubelets app is designed to work with Cubelets OS 4. Use it to upgrade your Cubelets to OS 4. Once you’re running OS 4 you can use the app to create remote control robots and read sensor data values. So you can communicate both ways with your Cubelets: read and write.

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Cubelets OS 4.3

Modular Robotics has released a new operating system for Cubelets called OS 4.3. Cubelets OS 4.3 is required to run the latest Cubelets apps and improves Cubelets performance. Use Cubelets Blockly or Cubelets App to update your Cubelets

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Cubelets OS 4.3 was release April 28th, 2016.