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Tutorial #10: Baseline


  1. Begin by building the robot using the on-screen instructions.
  2. Power on your robot and be aware that your Drive Cubelets may still be running custom programs. Be sure that your robot won’t drive away when you power it on!
  3. Click the connection icon and complete the Bluetooth pairing process.
  4. Make sure that all the Cubelets in this robot are not running custom code. If any robots are running custom code click “Restore to Default” to reset them to their factory default programs.
    • Tip: You can visually determine which Cubelets are running custom programs by looking at the number of blinks each LED makes when you first power on your robot. Custom programmed Cubelets will blink 4 times while default programmed Cubelets blink only 3 times.
  5. Once all your Cubelets have been restored to their default programs, take your robot to a flat area where it can safely drive around. What sort of behavior do you see? What happens if you put your hand or another object in front of the Distance Cubelet? What happens if you try to shade the Brightness Cubelet? Do you see how the Cubelets are using the weighted average of the two senses to create different levels of movement and brightness?
  6. When you’re finished playing click here to move to Tutorial #11. There’s no need to take apart your robot because you’ll be using the same construction in the next two tutorials!