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Tutorial #2: Adding parts


In Tutorial #2 you’ll be adding a Drive Cubelet to the robot that you built in Tutorial #1. If you haven’t completed Tutorial #1 already, or need to rebuild the robot from Tutorial #1 click here to go back.

  1. Once you’ve completed the program from Tutorial #1. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your robot. Note that the Drive Cubelets can be used in either position. The programmed Cubelet from Tutorial #1 is critical to the robot you’re building but can be placed in either position.
  2. There’s no new programming for this robot. In this tutorial we are exploring the interaction between the programmed Drive Cubelet from Tutorial #1 and a default Drive Cubelet. Take your complete robot to a safe play area, turn on your Battery Cubelet, and observe the robot’s behavior.
    • What happens when you place your hand or another object in front of the Distance Cubelet?
    • Can you get your robot to follow your hand?

    Extension Challenge: You’ve got a robot that can follow objects it detects. How could you change this robot so that it drives away from objects instead of running towards them. If you need help click here for a hint.

    HINT: No need to program, try rearranging the Drive Cubelets!

  3. When you’re ready to move to the next tutorial, select the Drive Cubelet that you’ve programed and click “Restore Default Program.” You can tell which Cubelet you’ve programmed by selecting the Drive Cubelets from the Block Map and looking at the “Custom Code:” line. If you’re running a custom program you will see the word “Yes.”

Tutorial Summary:

You can change a system’s behavior by adding or removing parts. By adding a normal Drive Cubelet to your robot we got a new behavior which is sort of lifelike. Your robot will follow objects. Pretty impressive behavior for such a simple little robot!