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Create with Cubelets

Learn to do more with Cubelets robot blocks.

10 Quick Tips

A crash course in Cubelets

New to Cubelets? Get a 5-minute summary with this quick tip video. Dive even deeper with the online getting started guide.

Create with Cubelets

Learn even more with these tutorial videos

Create with Cubelets is a video tutorial series to help you better design and build robot constructions. In short, Create with Cubelets will help you imagine, make, teach, and create more with Cubelets robot blocks. Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube to recieve our latest videos!


Episode 01

What is a robot?

Learn the essential traits that determine what a robot is and how to apply them to Cubelets.

Episode 02

Pair with the App

Learn how to pair with the Cubelets App using the Bluetooth Hat.

Episode 03

Remote Control Robots

Discover how to control and read block values using remote control.

Episode 04

Personality Swap

Explore new Cubelet behaviors using Personality Swap.

Episode 05

Pairing with Cubelets Blockly

Learn how to pair with Cubelets Blockly using the Bluetooth Hat.

Episode 06

Cubelets Blockly Overview

An overview of the main screen of Cubelets Blockly.

Episode 07

Creating and Saving Programs

Learn how to create and save programs in Cubelets Blockly

Episode 08

Flashlight Hello World

Create your first program with Cubelets Blockly.

Robot Ideas

A few inspirational robot ideas

Take your robot building even further with these basic robot recipes. Reverse engineer the behavior or download sample Blockly files to help you build and learn.