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Even Steven

By: Modular Robotics

A reprogrammed robot that uses two Drives and a Distance sensor to try and maintain a fixed distance from objects it detects. Each Drive Cubelet has a stable range in the middle of the Distance sensor values. When the values exit this stable range the robot moves either forward or backward to try and correct the imbalance. Two drives are placed in opposite directions to minimize the natural drift of the Drive Cubelet wheels. Each of the Drive Cubelets needs to be reprogrammed using Cubelets Blockly. Load and flash even_steven_left.cubelet to the left Drive Cubelet and even_steven_right.cubelet to the right Drive Cubelet.

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Cubelets Twelve
Cubelets Twenty

Required Programs:

See the robot description to figure out which Cubelets need a custom program. Click on the link to download.
Cubelets Blockly File


Cubelets Blockly File