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By: Sam Nesmith

Mounted with high-pressure air cannons, this cataclysmic tank will hunt down its target by following lines marked on the ground, firing only once it senses a perpendicular line. Using breaks in this line, you can give this tank increasing complex missions. With only a couple of Cubelets, a system for mounting, and a toy gun, you can command this destructive force! Will you have it pillage or protect? The choice is all yours! To program this tank, brainstorm ways to make a robot follow a line, then create an else-if function to stop the robot and activate your cannon! If you need a hint or your town is under siege, we have included the code used for Tankbot. The file "tank drive.cubelet" can be used to reprogram the drive Cubelets, and the file "tank fire.cubelet" can be used to reprogram the rotate Cubelet. Don't forget to plug in block ID's for your specific blocks before you code your Cubelets,! Happy building!

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See the robot description to figure out which Cubelets need a custom program. Click on the link to download.
Cubelets Blockly File

tank drive.cubelet

Cubelets Blockly File

tank fire.cubelet