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Cubelets Brilliant
Builder Pack

Assembled for eager inventors, the Brilliant Builder Pack includes 19 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets®, as well as the Bluetooth® Hat. Designed to support a single student group, this Pack gives students tons of building options as they complete challenge after challenge. With the Bluetooth Hat, Cubelets constructions can be paired with the free iOS, Android, and FireOS compatible companion app to remote control robots or change Cubelets’ behaviors with the new Personality Swap. Also included are Brick Adapters, a micro-USB charging cable, and storage.

From Nov. 4 to Dec. 31, get a free gift of a Battery Cubelet with any purchase of a Brilliant Builder Pack!

Learn how you can pair the Brilliant Builder with our Activity Cards in this #CubeletsChat blog post!

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What’s included…

One student group
with 19 Cubelets
and one Bluetooth Hat

  • 1 x Brightness Cubelet
  • 2 x Distance Cubelets
  • 1 x Knob Cubelet
  • 1 x Temperature Cubelet
  • 1 x Bar Graph Cubelet
  • 2 x Drive Cubelets
  • 1 x Flashlight Cubelet
  • 2 x Rotate Cubelets
  • 1 x Speaker Cubelet
  • 1 x Battery Cubelet
  • 1 x Blocker Cubelet
  • 1 x Bluetooth Hat
  • 1 x Inverse Cubelet
  • 1 x Maximum Cubelet
  • 1 x Minimum Cubelet
  • 1 x Passive Cubelet
  • 1 x Threshold Cubelet
  • 4 x Brick Adapters
    • 2 x “Studs”
    • 2 x “Sockets”

Also includes this
educator essential

  • 1 x Cubelets Container
    • For durable storage and transport.

Cubelets Brilliant
Builder Pack

  • Includes 19 Cubelets robot blocks
    • Supporting one group of learners
  • Complete Cubelets experience for learning design, robotics, and STEM integration
    • Perfect for teaching computational thinking and tactile coding
  • Designed for Pre-K through 12 learners
    • Easily scales to older and more experienced builders

Add to Cart $499.95

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