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Cubelets Review Kits

If we know one thing, it’s that getting Cubelets into the hands of children — and educators — opens up doors for excitement and exploration. Are you an educator interested in the promise of constructing with Cubelets? To experience the potential of Cubelets without the financial investment, request a Cubelets Review Kit.

Requirements for receiving a review kit:
  • You are an excited and enthusiastic educator eager to bring robots to your organization.
    • Some examples include: teacher, librarian, camp leader, troop leader, district administrator, STEM Coordinator, museum program specialist, etc.
  • You are located within the U.S. or Canada. Sorry, we do not have an international program at this time.
  • Fill out the review kit request form.
  • Have a follow-up call with one of our Education Account Managers to determine eligibility.
  • Give us feedback on your experience.
Request a Cubelets Review Kit

Robot Weekend:

Are you planning a community event and looking for a way to create excitement around STEM, Computer Science, Design and Engineering and Robotics? We have larger kits available to support large group collaboration. Email for more details.

Cubelets Review Kits FAQ

  • How long do I have to review Cubelets? +

    The standard review period is 45 days (includes shipping times). We understand that things get busy throughout the year, so if you need more time to explore please let us know. We reserve the right to invoice your organization in full beyond 60 days if the product is not returned. The retail price of a standard review kit (a Cubelets TWELVE) is $299.95

  • What does the review kit consist of? +

    The standard review kit is a Cubelets TWELVE. We have larger kits available for events, upon request. Please contact for more details or to reserve one of these kits.

  • How do I return the review kit? +

    A prepaid UPS label will be included in the box upon arrival. Please be sure to package Cubelets securely before returning.

  • What happens if Cubelets are broken or misbehaving? +

    Please notify us immediately if you come across a Cubelet that is not behaving properly. You will not be responsible for damaged or broken Cubelets unless negligence is the cause. For example, Cubelets can’t swim and they make terrible roller skates!!