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Welcome Educator! This is the Educator Resource Hub, it is your home for helpful resources and information about Cubelets robot blocks. Jumpstart your Cubelets knowledge with a quick intro video, download our print-out classroom tools, or browse the FREE lesson plans for Cubelets.

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Get the essential skills for success.

Whether you’re a robot rookie or a robust roboticist, a quick tour of the Cubelets Getting Started Guide is a great way to hone your skills and get comfortable with your new ed tech tool!

Getting Started Guide

Jumpstart your Cubelets know-how with the Online Workshops! Don’t forget to play with your Cubelets; nothing solidifies knowledge like a little hands-on play time!

Online Workshops

Cubelets Lesson Plans

Meet Your Cubelets Units

New to Cubelets? Use these age-appropriate units to build a foundation of knowledge while meeting standards.

Grab Bag

Already know how Cubelets work? Looking for some inspiration on how to utilze them within your classroom? Try the Grab Bag.

Introducing Computer Science Unit

Start teaching computer science with hands on Cubelets challenges. No coding required!

Implementation Guide

Student skill trackers, best practices, administrator look-fors and more. Explore the implementation guide.

Cubelets Activity Cards
Free print and fold acitivity cards for student-driven learning centers.

Cubelets Lesson Plans are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Said another way, these lessons are free for you to use, remix, and share. All we ask is that you credit your source and make your lesson available for others to use at no cost.

Downloadable Resources

Cubelets Print and Fold Activity Cards
Free print and fold activity cards for student-driven learning centers.
Cubelets Activity Cards
Cubelet Description Posters
Helpful print-your-own posters that enhance and support in class activities. Each poster includes a colorful Cubelet illustration and block descriptions to help your students identify Cubelet types and functions. Hang them on the wall or laminate them to create a handy reference guide!
SENSE Cubelet Posters THINK Cubelet Posters ACT Cubelet Posters
Print and Cut Robot Worksheet
This simple worksheet is a wonderful introductory tool for introducing Cubelets to younger students!
Print-a-Robot Worksheet
Robot Builder Certificate
Send your students home with a fun certificate celebrating their Cubelets creations!
Robot Builder Certificate
Cubelets Catalogue (1-Sheet)
All 17 Cubelets on one easy-to-print sheet!
Cubelets Catalogue
What makes a robot? (1-Sheet)
The basics of a robot using a few standard Cubelets as a starting point.
What makes a robot?
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Learn to code with
Cubelets Blockly

It’s never been easier to code your own Cubelets robot! Cubelets Blockly is the perfect platform to learn to program your own robots! This simple and powerful visual programming tool gives you full control over your Cubelets® robot blocks. Create countless new robots and behaviors with the power of code.

Learn More & Download

Help and Support

Connect with other Cubelets constructors in the Forum, find in depth support documentation in the Knowledge Base, or contact our helpful support team. You’ll find everything you need in the help section.

Help and Support


Important Cubelets Information

  • How do I contact customer support? +

    Easy. Just email with your question and a member of our team will respond as soon as we can. We are available Monday-Friday 9-5 Mountain Time.

  • Do my Cubelets have a warranty? +

    Yep! Every Cubelet ships with a 1 year warranty. Click here for details or to file a claim.

  • How can I get more Cubelets? +

    Our Education Accounts Team is happy to help just email