I run a toy robot company called Modular Robotics. We're bringing Cubelets, our robotic construction kit, to market and plan to have kits available in April 2011.

In 2008-2009 I was a Visiting Scientist at the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab in Ithaca, New York. In 2008, I finished my PhD from the Computational Design Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University where I worked on roBlocks and the Erstwhile Agent, an evolutionary design program for modular robotic constructions.Cubelets were recently featured in Ars Technica, the Make blog, and in Wired.

roBlocks Cubelets
A robotic construction kit created to scaffold children's learning of math, science and control theory concepts. Formerly "roBlocks." Now at www.modrobotics.com
stickybricks StickyBricks
An adhesion-based modular robotic system.
Graphmaster Graphmaster
A tangible construction kit for exploring connectivity. Uses EL wire and capacitive sensing. With Ben Wojtyna and Nwanua Elumeze.
egglet Egglet
The Egglet is a hardware/software system designed to encourage musicians to experiment with sensor fusion concepts.
sporto Sporto
Sporto is a little expanding robot designed to encourage users to meet their exercise goals. With Vincent Crossley and Min Kyung Lee.
triBoingus triBoingus
An inexpensive, robust three-wheeled robot base intended for remote exploration and land mine detection.
fadelet FADElet
A thumb-actuated digital audio fader controller built to allow turntablists to scratch and fade with one hand.
Flexy Flexy
A computationally enhanced hub and spoke construction kit with real-time graphic feedback.
Randy Randy
A small robot with infrared sensing capabilities, wavefront navigation, and a unique method of locomotion. With Michael Weller and Bruce Burnett.
Digital Clay Digital Clay
A little program which interprets perspective sketches as 3D models.