Analog Sensor Input to MIDI Data Conversion Products
  (I'm using a Doepfer Pocket Electronics)

Doepfer Pocket Electronics
Doepfer is a German analog synth company that makes several great DIY boards. Their Pocket Electronic is an analog-to-MIDI board which generates MIDI control change or pitch bend messages in response to analog input. They also make Dial Electronic, another DIY board which does the same thing for input from rotary encoders.

Tiny MIDI board with digital ins and outs, analog ins and analog PWM outs. US$149 and is already set up to interface with Max/MSP.

Teleo Modules
A set of hardware tools that interfaces nicely with Max/MSP. Probably powerful and pretty easy to use, but parts of the system seem proprietary.

I-CubeX System
Proprietary analog-to-MIDI system with a variety of sensors and settings, custom software, and support. Around US$300 to get started.

PAiA Midi Brain
DIY kit for converting up to 8 CV signals into MIDI control change or pitch bend messages. About US$90, solder it yourself, and sold by a company that's been around for 30 years.

Zorin Midi Gizmo;page=gizmo
Board for interfacing MIDI to Zorin's HC11-based ModCon microcontroller board. Inexpensive and simple, but needs to use HC11 and Zorin's code.

DIY MIDI with PICs and the BASIC stamp
Page with lots of links to custom and bare-bones projects using PICs and the BASIC stamp to control MIDI signals. Midibox (below) seems to be the most evolved.

Eowave Eobody
The Eobody is a commercial product which turns analog sensor input into MIDI messages. Eowave sells a variety of sensors already wired up, and offers documentation. It's everything I need in a shiny red box, but it costs almost $500.

Midibox is something of an empire built by Thorsten Klose. He has built the MIOS operating system and Midibox hardware platform, which uses PIC microcontrollers to allow hobbyists to build sophisticated MIDI controllers and devices. Large following, well-documented, powerful, but lots of electronics and soldering to get up and running.


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