Presentation files (mostly powerpoint)

2011 Apr 20
Cubelets!, Durango Science and Discovery Museum
2011 Mar 17
Cubelets: A Modular Robotic Construction Kit, University of Colorado Computer Science Colloquium
2011 Mar 9,10
Thousands and Thousands of Tiny Robots, Carnegie Science Center SciTech Festival
2010 Jul 25
Hot Oil, Cold Steel, and Free Money, Sketching in Hardware
2008 Oct 25
Thousands and Thousands of Tiny Robots, Ithaca Sciencenter "Showtime!"
2008 Sep 30
Designing Modular Robots, PhD Thesis Presentation
2008 Apr 28
Designing Modular Robots, Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab Meeting
2008 Apr 24
roBlocks, Dorkbot Pittsburgh