The TriBoingus is a 3WD mobile robot platform for experimentation and play.  It is built mostly with parts fabricated on a layered deposition printer, and is a robust vehicle suitable for outdoor use and hazardous environments.

TriBoingus V1 was built primarily as a test platform for the control and coordination of a three wheel drive, three wheel steering robot.  It is controlled by a HandyBoard and six small motors.  It currently lives in the Computational Design Lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

Currently under design development, TriBoingus V2 features a more streamlined design, with several key improvements over V1:

  • It HOPS, using a small linear actuator
  • Lowered "brain" for locomotion even when flipped
  • Bearings at joints for greater load handling
  • Bird's-eye plan reconfiguration with additional servos
  • Smarter Linux controller with CMUCAM2+ for tracking

For more information, please read the summary paper:
triBoingus:  Toward a Robust Mobile Robot Platform

  Eric Schweikardt
  tza [at]