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Cubelets Activity – Challenges Part I & II

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    Christie Veitch

    Cubelets Challenges, Part I
    KT06 Cubelets, 60 minute activity

    Students of all ages enjoy creative problem solving  and besting challenges. Whether working alone or in groups, children and adults in classes, teams, and camps all become animated when tasked with creating, solving, or competing. Cubelets offer a great platform for presenting challenges and engaging students of many ages and levels of expertise to creatively attend to answering a range of challenges that include reasoning, and design.

    Download the PDF here!

    Cubelets Challenges, Part II

    KT06 and Additional Think Cubelets in the Classroom, 60 minute activity

    In these challenges, students explore the think component of robots using Think Cubelets to manipulate information passing between senses and actions.

    Download the PDF here!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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