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Cubelets not working well after a break

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    Gian Pablo Villamil

    I recently fired up my Cubelets after a break of a few months, and have encountered some problems.

    First thing I did was charge all the batteries, no problems there. All were fully charged (yellow light off) after 3 hours.

    I experienced two problems:

    1) Unreliable connection. I’d connect two Cubelets (and a battery) and one of them would not behave as connected. No flashing green light, no response. Wiggling it sometimes helped, as did moving it to another face of the connected Cubelets. I suspect corrosion or dust interfering with the connection?

    2) Drive cubelets not moving. I’d connect several Drive Cubelets to a bunch of batteries and a sensor, and some of them would not turn. Green lights are flashing, so connection is working, but they are not turning. Manually spinning them would sometimes get them to turn for a bit. The issue seems specific to particular Drive Cubelets. I found that continuing to spin the “stuck” Drives would sometimes repair them. Could this be an issue with lubrication or bearings in the Drive binding? Would it make sense to apply some Teflon based lube (eg TriFlow)?

    The challenge with all this is that it makes the Cubelets unpredictable and unreliable, and students can lose interest.

    Is this an RMA issue or is there something I could do on my end to make them functional? I’m thinking contact cleaner for the non-connecting Cubelets, and some kind of lubrication for the Drives.

    Mitch Kremm

    Hello Gian,

    We’re sorry to hear about some of the issues you’ve run into after taking your Cubelet sets down off the shelf!

    It is possible that some small dust or debris has collected on the Cubelet’s magnetic connectors. We recommend wiping them down with some Lysol Wipes or with a little Isopropyl after they’ve been in storage or after a session of particularly heavy use.

    It sounds like the Drive blocks may be a warranty issue. This may be a problem with the mechanics of the gears not catching if the inner ring has been stripped in some way. Sometimes ‘revving’ of the Drive blocks can cause this, so be sure that your students are letting the Drive blocks move at their own pace without too much downward pressure. We also don’t recommend using any kind of lubrication with any of our Cubelets.

    Please email me at so we can get you going on this warranty process. If wiping down your other Cubelets doesn’t help, you can send these in with your nonworking Drive blocks.

    If you could please send me your order information, or an attached proof of purchase from one of our retailers, then I can validate your warranty. We’d also like a list of the Cubelet types you plan to send in, as well as the best address and phone number for your return shipment.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Mason Carl

    hi i am new here. Joined for my 6 year old daughter

    Gian Pablo Villamil

    Thanks Mitch, I’ll send you the order information, and sort through the Drive cubelets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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