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    Kelly Kersey

    Hi – We purchased the 6 set and it worked great, briefly. We also purchased the bluetooth cube and installed the control and log apps. Since then, the LED lights still appear on all cubes when attached to the battery, but none of them work. My son and my husband and I are concerned as to what to do. Please help.

    Eric Lundby

    Hi Kelly,

    Very sorry to hear this. We just had our first instance of this problem a couple days ago. We’ve deployed an update for the Bluetooth Cubelet to prevent this from happening going forward.

    In order to get your Cubelets working again, we will need to restore the software that runs on them. There is a few different ways we can accomplish this, depending on your comfort level.

    If you have access to a Windows or OSX computer that has Bluetooth support, you can use Cubelets Studio.
    To get started restoring your Cubelets using Cubelets Studio:

    • Download Cubelets Studio and run the installer
    • Power up your Bluetooth Cubelet and pair with it (Instructions: OSX or Windows)
    • Open Cubelets Studio and connect to your Bluetooth Cubelet
    • Select the Bluetooth Cubelet in the graph in the upper right hand corner
    • In the bottom right, select Upgrade to Version 4.2
    • After flashing succeeds, connect one of your Cubelets with the solid LED to the Bluetooth Cubelet
    • You should see the graph in the upper right update with the new Cubelet. Select the Cubelet in the graph
    • In the lower right, select Restore Default Firmware. This will begin restoring the software on your Cubelet
    • Repeat the above step for your other five Cubelets

    If you don’t have access to a Windows or Mac computer with Bluetooth support, you can restore your Cubelets with an Android device.

    • Download Cubelets Control
    • Open Cubelets Control and connect to your Bluetooth Cubelet
    • From the list of Cubelets, press and hold on the Bluetooth Cubelet
    • You should see an option to Restore to Default. Select that to update your Bluetooth
    • After flashing finishes, repeat for all of your other Cubelets (ensure the Cubelet you want to restore is adjacent to the Bluetooth Cubelet)

    If this process doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t have any other devices, please respond here and we can find another solution for you.

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    Kelly Kersey


    Thanks for the help. We’ve waited a bit before we attempted the upgrade. We downloaded and installed Cubelets Studio for our MacBook and followed the pairing instructions just fine. When I click to upgrade to 4.2, I get the following error:

    Error: Firmware service returned an error (code 404).

    I can’t get any further than this. I should point out that we are powering the bluetooth Cubelet with the Battery Cublet, if that makes any difference. Thoughts?

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    Eric Lundby

    Hi Kelly,

    Go ahead and give that another shot. The problem should be resolved now. It looks like our hosting provider restored to a backup without the latest update for your Bluetooth Cubelet. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

    Scott Nelson


    Christopher Hardy

    Nice post

    Christine Donoghue

    I need a list of easy robots to start with in my classroom. We are not ready for Blockly and all that. So I need Robot Recipes that do not involve Blockly. Do you have a list of these?

    Rebecca Dolmon

    Hello, Christine,

    Have you checked out our Getting Started Guide? I would also take a look at our Robot Recipes page for some robots that do not require Blockly to build.

    Christine Donoghue

    Hi again, Yes I have checked out both. It is not possible to filter for “not Blockly” and as a busy teacher, it is becoming cumbersome to keep clicking on recipes to find out whether they use Blockly or not. I have used the two resources, but was hoping that you all had a “Getting Started Quicker” list– because my students are not ready for Blockly yet (neither am I…). Please let me know if you pull this resource together at some point.

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