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Getting your Feet wet with MOSS

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    Christie Veitch

    These lesson plans were designed by Beth Cohen in her STEM classes in Cherry Creek School District. I’m proud to share her words with you about working with elementary school students to help them use, understand, and learn cross-disciplinarily with MOSS!


    Getting Your Feet Wet With MOSS
    Reverse Engineering

    This unit is designed to introduce students to MOSS through the excitement of discovery. By exploring MOSS robots and everyday objects through reverse engineering, students (and teachers) will become more comfortable with robotics foundational concepts by playing with and deconstructing whole robots. We will explore constructed robots and objects and, by gradually disassembling them, students will begin to discover the functions of MOSS components. This non-intimidating unit is an ideal way to start out with working with robots. In this unit, you will have the opportunity to introduce students to this exciting and innovative tool and plant the seed for more in depth applications over time.

    The Work of an Engineer

    Activity: Engineers Are Problem Solvers

    In this activity students will learn about the work of engineers and their role as problem solvers. Students will then have the opportunity to develop an illustrated plan for a solution to a real world problem. The class will create a gallery of these plans to share and learn from.

    Activity: The Sphere Keeper Challenge; Defining the Problem, Criteria and Constraints

    In this activity students will plan a solution to a real world problem. MOSS robotics modules are joined together by metal spheres that connect to embedded magnets within each modules corner. These metal spheres are slippery and tend to move around a great deal when not connected to a magnet. In this activity students are presented with the creative challenge of designing an object or a system that will keep the spheres in place during robot builds.

    Activity: Engineering Teams Creating Solutions

    In this activity students will work in Engineering Teams and follow the Engineering Design Process to create their Sphere Keeper solutions. This is an exciting real world application of engineering design for children as they will create an object or a system that will be used when building their MOSS robots.

    Teaching it Forward with MOSS

    This cross-curricular set of activities integrates the STEM subjects with literacy and the arts. Students first learn about the meaning behind paying it forward through the exploration of idioms and the “Pay it Forward” concept. They have the chance to develop a chain of kindness through acts of paying it forward and in the end “Teaching it Forward” with MOSS robotics. In the culminating activity, the students become experts on an assigned robot build in their engineering teams and pay it forward by teaching others about that robot.

    Activity: Pay It Forward

    This activity establishes the foundation for students by introducing them to the idiom Pay it Forward. Students will be engaged in a class discussion about idioms and the figurative meaning behind paying it forward. They will participate in activities to creatively extend their thinking on the subject as well as enrichment activities to extend their learning.

    Activity: Robot Recipes – Build It!

    In this activity, teams of students will begin robot construction by following the interactive instructions on the MOSS Robot

    Activity: Robot Rebuild and Plan

    Students are now the experts in class as they create teaching plans and then teach a buddy team about the robot constructed in their first robot build.

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