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Passing on my cubelets

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    Bart Wessel

    (Hope I’m not breaking any forum rules. Please excuse my ignorance and swiftly delete my post if I am out of line)

    Grab this chance to get a full set of 38 Cubelets cheap! Postage from the USA (where they are made) to Europe is costly but this lot is already in the Netherlands, Europe, so some of you can save on shipping.

    I was an early adapter and already talking to Eric Schweikardt in July 2011. As soon as I found out about Cubelets, I knew I wanted them. To play with for myself, to study and also to expose my teen son to cubelar robotics programming. I even reprogrammed some of them to get even more astonishing behavior out of them. But postage from the USA was prohibitively expensive, so it took some time before I took the plunge. In October 2012 I figured it would be a good idea to buy a full set and then some if I had to pay for getting them here. And even then I ordered multiple batches in 2013 because each time I needed more to experiment with. Now you can profit from my approach and buy all you need (well, most of it anyway) in one go! It comprises the KT06 and KT01 sets and more.

    This offer includes:
    – 2 chargers (USA plug, one with European convertor) with extra car charger cables
    – 3 ½ sets of Lego connectors. The other half probably hides somewhere in the box of Lego’s
    – 4 sets of two rechargeable batteries (8 in total)
    – 2 original Cubelets stickers
    – 3 Bar Graph
    – 3 Battery
    – 2 Blocker
    – 1 Bluetooth (old style)
    – 2 Brightness
    – 4 Distance
    – 3 Drive
    – 3 Flashlight
    – 2 Inverse
    – 5 Knob. One original, four reprogrammed and identified by a colored dot.
    – 1 Maximum
    – 1 Minimum
    – 4 Passive
    – 1 Rotate
    – 2 Speaker
    – 1 Temperature

    I recently played with them and I know they are working but hey – they are not new and have been played with (although never by small children without guidance!). I used them myself a lot (I am 50+ and aware of their price). I can promise you a lot of fun but do not guarantee quirks will not show up. What you see is what you get. [Oops. No images here. I can send them on request]

    Grab your chance and experience the fun of the Cubelets concept. Teach your kids some robotics basics or just let them play and learn from doing. You will be amazed by the difference in approaches kids come up with and there will be plenty of designs you would never have thought of yourself. I truly belief no school should be without them.

    I ask EUR 450, which is approximately US$ 525 or nearest offer. I accept PayPal. I prefer to ship to all of Europe and do my best to package them safely. If you’re outside Europe, shoot me a message and persuade me. Anyway, you will have to pay for packaging and posting – costs will depend on your location.

    Alexei Acsinte

    Hi, I saw it is an old post but, because I haven’t seen any comments, I send you this message. I’m interested to buy your set if it is still available. I’m from Romania

    Mitch Kremm

    Hello Alexei,

    Thanks for reaching out to us! We have sold our Cubelets’ sets to a few customers in Romania. You can place orders directly on our website ( if you’d like!

    It’s possible you’ll have to pay additional fees on orders shipped internationally. Whether additional fees will be charged on your package depends on the value of your order and the import regulations specific to your country.

    We also have several retailers in Europe if you’d like to order from them:

    Where to buy

    Please let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

    Bart Wessel

    Sorry for the delay Alexei, I had expected to receive an automatic forward to my mailbox when you replied, but that didn’t happen.

    I still have the cubelets available. Are you still interested?

    Alexei Acsinte

    Hi Bart,

    Yes I want them but I want them asap.
    How can we have a deal.

    Bart Wessel

    I wil email you.

    Bart Wessel

    Cubelets are reserved for Alexei.

    Bart Wessel

    Cubelets sold.

    Alexei, I wish you lots and lots of fun and learning opportunities with this set of cubelets! I know I enjoyed the heck out of them and dragged a lot of youngsters into the wondrous world of Cubelets, block-building-thinking and robotics.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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