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    Sergey Dziuba


    I’m a teacher from Ukraine.
    I bought 4 Cubelets Twenty Kits. We started the classes and we had problems. Different blocks stoped work after two week. First, two drive cubelets stopped working, then Passive Cubelet, Speaker Cubelet, Bar Graph Cubelet. I do not understand what the problem is. The indicators light on the dice, but they do not blink. For me it is very expensive to send you the cubes. Did you tell what the problem is. I think it is the same for all blocks.

    Emily Plage

    Hello Sergey,

    Thank you for writing into our inbox, as well as posting your question on the forum!

    I have responded to your email, but also want to answer here in case your question helps others on the forum with similar questions.

    The issue that you have encountered, Cubelets that have stoped working, is caused by a bug in the OS 4.0 operating system that can cause some Cubelets to stop working unexpectedly. We’ve released an update to the OS 4.0 operating system, called OS 4.3, which successfully removes this issue. Often, it is possible to recover Cubelets with a solid green light simply by updating them to the latest operating system using the Bluetooth Cubelet and the Cubelets app for Android and iOS. Instructions for updating Cubelets to OS 4.3 are at the bottom of this response.

    If you believe some of the Cubelets in your kit might be affected by this issue, but do not have a Bluetooth Cubelet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at so that we can help to get your Cubelets Kit in working order.

    Cubelets and Cubelets sets programmed with the OS 4.0 software were sold between November 2015 and April 2016. If you purchased Cubelets during or soon after this period of time and have not yet updated them to OS 4.3 in the time you’ve owned them, it is possible that this issue could appear in your Cubelets set. All Cubelets have a 1 Year Warranty Period starting from the purchase date where we will fix or replace any cube not working properly. It is possible that some Cubelets with the issue discussed in this thread may not be able to update to OS 4.3. If that happens to you, just reach out to us. Even if you fear that you may be out of Warranty, please contact us.

    If you would like to update your Cubelets to the latest operating system, follow the directions below that correspond to your Cubelets.

    First, figure out what Operating System your Cubelets are using by checking out the green LED on a working Cubelet. Connect the Cubelet to a charged Battery Cubelet at watch the LED.

    – If the LED blinks 3 times in succession: These Cubelets are OS 4.0. Use THSE INSTRUCTIONS to update Cubelets to OS 4.3

    – If the LED blinks randomly, with no quick pattern: These Cubelets are OS 3.0. Use THESE INSTRUCTIONS to update Cubelets to OS 4.3

    Warm wishes,

    Emily Plage
    Customer Support

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    Peggy Leon

    Hi…i would like to add here regarding the connection with bluetooth. Select the program tab you want to build, then select the target Cubelet you want to reprogram in the construction viewport. The target Cubelet must be attached to the Bluetooth Cubelet. Click the Build button to compile your programs! Keep an eye on the console to debug any syntax errors that the compiler finds in your program.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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