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    Christie Veitch

    Big questions from little people: and simple answers from great minds is a fascinating reminder of all there is to know, and how good questions produce amazing answers. Anyone who spends any time with kids knows one of the most frequently words you hear is, “Why.” As adults, sometimes we struggle to answer these questions thoroughly. As educators we also know that teaching students to ask the right question and develop their inquiry skills is just as important (maybe more important!) than coming up with an answer.
    This book honors both sides of that equation. By collecting the questions of children and having experts in those fields answer them it honors the curiosity of children, and our needs as adults to match good questions with good answers. Best of all, the answers are provided by experts in that field and may remind you of things you had forgotten about the hows and whys of the world. A good read with your students, or even just on your own, as a reminder of all the wonderful things there are to wonder about! Comes in bite sized chunks and can be take one question at a time.

    Why do I get the Hiccups? (answered by Harry Hill, comedian and former doctor)
    “Hiccups are basically a twitching of the muscle that lies blow your chest and above your tummy. This thin, trampoline-like muscle is at the base of your lungs, so when it twitches it causes you to take a little breath, which makes that hiccupy noise. . . “

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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