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Cubelets OS4 and Previous Operating Systems Incompatibility

The Current Cubelets OS version is: OS 4.3 (released April 28th, 2016)


It’s important to update your Cubelet’s operating system if you’ve purchased Cubelets before May 2016. Cubelets running a pre-OS 4 system are incompatible with Cubelets purchased after that date. Our latest software update, Cubelets OS 4.3, also enables your Cubelets to respond faster, run more efficiently, and work with our free Cubelets Apps.

Though Cubelets running OS 4 and OS 4.3 are compatible, we recommend updating OS 4 Cubelets to OS 4.3 because this update contains an important bug fix. Cubelets running OS 4.3 have a more stable power connection and are less prone to software issues.

If you have a mixed collection of pre-OS 4 Cubelets purchased before November 2015 and OS 4 Cubelets, you can tell them apart by comparing the flashing green LEDs on each Cubelet. OS 4 Cubelets flash their LEDs at a faster rate, and will also blink quickly three times when first connected to a fully charged Battery block.



Both pre-OS 4 and OS 4 Cubelets will display blinking green LED lights (at different rates of speed), but they will not be able to transfer data between them. Battery blocks will power all Cubelets, no matter what operating system they are running, but Cubelets running different operating systems can’t interact with one another.

If you’re having trouble updating your Cubelets to the OS 4 operating system or would like more information about incompatibility, contact

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