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I’m having pairing or connection issues with the Cubelets App. Any tips?

There are several issues that can arise between the Bluetooth Cubelet, Cubelets App, and your mobile device. Luckily, many can be fixed with a few simple tricks.

First, make sure your Bluetooth Cubelet is connected to the Battery Cubelet and powered on. Your Bluetooth Cubelet and mobile device should be in close proximity when trying to pair them.

The multicolor LED on your Bluetooth Cubelet will flash a 3-color sequence of lights when powered on. After finishing the unique sequence, the LED with flash green while connected to power and unpaired. The LED will start blinking Blue once you have successfully paired to your device.

If you’re Bluetooth LED is solid White or prompting you to Upgrade to OS 4 when your Cubelets are already running the OS 4 software, follow the instructions found at the bottom of this page to re-set.


Try This First!

If you’re having trouble pairing, staying paired to your Bluetooth Cubelet, or the app is showing errors:

  • Try to “Refresh” the Cubelets app
    • For iOS: Double tap the home button and swipe up on the Cubelets app to close the app, then open the app again and see if it’s responding.
    • For Android: Refreshing may be different depending on your phone, but when viewing all your apps, you can touch and hold the Cubelets app icon and drag it to “App Info”. Once the App Info screen pops up, you can select “Force Stop” and then re-open the app.
  • Unpair and re-pair your Bluetooth Cubelet in the Bluetooth Settings of your smartphone or tablet.
    • Find the Bluetooth Setting on your phone or tablet. Select the Bluetooth Cubelets ID that is unique to your Bluetooth and the select “Forget This Device” (iOS) or “Unpair” (Android)
    • Next, toggle the device Bluetooth on and off a few times to reset.This may seem kind of silly, but sometimes it can really help if you’re having pairing problems!
  • IT says: “Did you trying turning it off and back on?”
    • If you’ve tried to refresh your app with no success, try powering down your device, wait 20 seconds and reboot.


Common Bluetooth Issues and Solutions

My Bluetooth Cubelet does not show up in the device Bluetooth Settings:
It’s possible that your Bluetooth Cubelet is auto-pairing with another smart device. This is built in feature on iOS devices, so if the device you’ve previously paired your Bluetooth Cubelet to is on, in range, and has it’s Bluetooth setting on, your Bluetooth Cubelet will automatically pair to that device before it ever shows up on the device you’re currently trying to pair to. This issue is common in classroom settings where there may be multiple Bluetooth Cubelets and multiple tablets in use. They best practice is to “forget” the Bluetooth Cubelet you used in the device Bluetooth settings at the end of each lesson.

If you’ve ruled out this possibility and your Bluetooth LED is not indicating a problem, contact us at

My Bluetooth Cubelet pairs to my device, but is not found in the Cubelets app:
If you’ve tried to refresh the app without any success, try unpairing the Cubelet from the Bluetooth settings and “forget”/”unpair” the Bluetooth Cubelet. Try to reconnect to the Bluetooth Cubelet in Bluetooth settings and then re-open the app. You can also try deleting the app and re-downloading it from iTunes or GooglePlay.

If these suggestions don’t help, contact us at

My Bluetooth Cubelet keeps disconnecting from the Cubelets app:
If your Battery Cubelet charge is low, it could be causing the intermittent connection. Use a fully charged Battery Cubelet and see it if makes a difference.

The range on the Bluetooth Cubelet, meaning the maximum distance between your Bluetooth Cubelet and your smart-device, should not exceed 20ft. If you’re driving your robot construction in and out of this range, you may have trouble with the Bluetooth Cubelet disconnecting.

If neither of these suggestions helps, contact us at

My Cubelets show up in the Cubelet Map as a question mark:
Cubelets that show up as a question mark in the Cubelet Map are not working correctly and may need to be re-updated to restore them to working order. You may see a little white exclamation point inside a red circle hovering above the Cubelets showing up as question marks. Long touch on the little red circle and a pop-up will appear asking if you’d like to update this cube to OS 4.3.

If you are not able to update the cube showing up as a question mark, contact

My Bluetooth Cubelet has a White LED when connected and will not proceed to the Cubelets Map:

Does your Bluetooth show a solid white LED before it’s paired? Are you directed immediately to the OS 4 Upgrade page once paired in the Cubelets app?


If so, you may have accidentally disconnected the Bluetooth Cubelet during a Cubelet update before the update was completed. To reset your Bluetooth Cubelet, open the OS 4 Upgrade process through the gear in the upper left corner of your screen.


The Bluetooth Cubelet will start off with a short update, then the app will be ready to update other Cubelets. Instead of updating more Cubelets, select “I’m done updating my cubelets” and wait for the app to tell you to disconnect the Bluetooth Cubelet.


If the Bluetooth Cubelet does not complete the update after you select “I’m done updating my Cubelets”, it will get stuck in the Updating Mode, will show a white LED, and will not behave correctly when you are trying to use it to control your Sense and Action cubes.



Still have questions?  We’d love to help! You can always reach us at

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