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Programming with Cubelets Blockly

If you’re new to coding Blockly is a great way to learn! Blockly is a drag-and-drop visual programming language similar to Scratch. If you wish to program your Cubelets, you’ll need the Cubelets Blockly application and a Bluetooth Cubelet.

Cubelets Blockly is available for PC, macOS, and iPad.

You can give your coding knowledge a kickstart with our Cubelets Blockly Tutorials.  Each of the 13 lessons explains or expands on a programming fundamental which will give you a solid foundation to customize Cubelets however you like!

If you’re looking for a more traditional programming API, you can program Cubelets in C using the desktop application Cubelets Flash.

Still have questions?  We’d love to help! You can always reach us at

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