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Tips for building larger MOSS constructions

MOSS offers a lot of creative freedom in robot building, but as structures get larger, you will start encountering some of the same obstacles that mechanical engineers are impacted by.

When building and designing larger MOSS constructions, it’s very important to remember to incorporate Braces into the design to help support the weight of new pieces you add to the construction. Balance and structural integrity are just as important as getting Power and Data routed correctly on these bigger bots!

Not every large robot will be robust enough that you can casually pick it up and transport it across the room. Picking your robot up off the ground or table completely changes the weight distribution, which can put stress on connection points which are not robust enough to support the weight transfer, but would otherwise be fine in operation under normal circumstances.

For this reason, we recommend building your MOSS robots on the surface you plan to operate on, or building on a tray that can support your robot in transit.

If you do need to pick your larger MOSS construction up, we teach students to use the “baby bunny” technique. Be very gentle, don’t squeeze, and make sure you are supporting your robot evenly from the bottom.

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