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Updating Cubelets Within the OS 4 System

The Current Cubelets OS version is:  OS 4.3 (released April 28th, 2016)
These update instructions are specific to updating OS 4 Cubelets to the latest OS 4 firmware release. Cubelets running on the OS 4 platform have a green LED that blinks 3 times when first connected to the Battery Cubelet.  For instruction on updating from Cubelets operating systems previous to OS 4, click here!

You Will Need:

– An iOS or Android Device running the Cubelets app
– A Bluetooth Cubelet
– Cubelets to be updated
– A strong WiFi connection

OS 4.3 

Cubelets OS 4.3 addresses two important changes. The first is a critical bug fix that prevents data corruption within Cubelets’ memory. Cubelets running OS 4.3 have a more stable power connection and are more reliable. This update also enables app-initiated OS 4 improvements and updates. Now you’ll be able to keep up with any future firmware updates easily. You can update your Cubelets using the Cubelets App or Cubelets Flash.

OS 4 and OS 4.3 Cubelets are compatible!

All OS 4 versions work together without issue.  However, previous Cubelets operating systems (OS 3 and older) are not compatible with the new OS 4 platform. It’s important to note that any Cubelets not updated to OS 4.3 will still be prone to the corruption issue, so we suggest an update for all your OS 4 Cubelets to be safe.

Updating Cubelets Within the OS 4 Operating system

To begin, make sure you have the latest version of the Cubelets app downloaded onto your device. Next, pair your Bluetooth Cubelet to your device and the Cubelets app.

Once your Bluetooth Cubelet is connected, select your Bluetooth ID to enter the Cubelets Map.  Attach a few Cubelets to the faces of the Bluetooth block. Cubelets showing a red circle with a white exclamation point hovering above have an update available. If the Bluetooth needs to be updated, you will need to update it before updating any of your other Cubelets. If you don’t see a red update circle in the Cubelets Map icon for the block, the Cubelet is running the latest firmware.

To begin an update, long press on the Cubelet showing the red update circle. A pop up will appear showing the current firmware version and an option to Update Firmware Now. Once you begin a firmware update, do not touch or detach any of the Cubelets until the update is complete.

After you’ve successfully updated your Cubelet, detach and select another Cubelet to update. If the update is unsuccessful, detach the Cubelet and re-attach to a different face of the Bluetooth block to try the update again. If you are still unable to update, or if your Cubelet appears as a question mark or does not show up in the Cubelets map at all,  contact

If you’re having trouble updating several or most of your Cubelets, the issue may be an inconsistent WiFi connection or a low Battery.

For educators using the WiFi at your you school, be aware that some schools have firewall protections that require special permissions to perform updates. If you are not able to update any of your Cubelets despite the fact that an update is available, try the update on your home or a public WiFi to see if the school network is causing the issue.

You can double check your firmware version at any time by long pressing on the Cubelet to bring up its unique Cubelet ID and firmware info.

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