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What does a solid white LED on my Bluetooth mean?

If you see a solid white LED light on your Bluetooth Cubelet when it’s connected to the Battery Cubelet, your Bluetooth cube has gotten stuck in “programming” mode.


This can happen a few ways, but most commonly it happens if your Bluetooth Cubelet is disconnected or loses power during an update or while you are flashing/reprograming a Cubelet. Once paired to the Cubelets app, your Bluetooth Cubelet should prompt an Upgrade with by popping up the screen below.


To restore your Bluetooth Cubelet to regular functionality, follow the instructions for upgrading to OS 4. You can ignore the part where you would attach Cubelets to be updated and skip right from “I’m ready, let’s get started” to “I’m done upgrading all my Cubelets”.


There will be a brief update to the Bluetooth Cubelet after you press “I’m done upgrading all my Cubelets” so don’t detach yet. This last step is what changes the Bluetooth Cubelet from programming mode back to regular functionality. When the update is complete, you’ll see the screen below.



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