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What does the One Year Warranty cover?

Your Modular Robotics products are under warranty for one year from your purchase date, regardless of whether you buy from or one of our many verified resellers.

If your Cubelets or MOSS component stops working, falls in the fish tank, or gets chewed on by a bear, we’re happy to repair or replace it for you. We do reserve the right to reject Cubelet or MOSS components that we deem to have been intentionally abused.

To begin a warranty request, please contact with your proof of purchase to validate your warranty. You will be asked to mail in your non-working components in order to take advantage of our warranty program. You are responsible for the inbound shipping costs to Modular Robotics. Modular Robotics will pay the shipping cost returning the repaired/replaced item to you. We don’t offer pre-paid labels to send your non-working components in.

If your robots are defective or misbehaving in some way, please email us at with your proof of purchase, explaining as best you can the issue you are observing. We may be able to help you fix the problem yourself, but if not, we’ll be happy to repair or replace your robots!

Please note that our One Year Warranty does not cover Cubelets purchased secondhand or from unauthorized resellers of our products. This includes 3rd Party Amazon Sellers unaffiliated with a supported vendor as well as eBay sales. Warranty Requests may be denied if you are not able to provide a valid Proof of Purchase.

Warranty information for International Customers:

Don’t worry, you’re covered under our One Year Warranty, too! Our warranty process is a bit different for our international customers. Please email for more information.

Shipping Issues:

If any item arrives damaged due to shipping, immediately snap some photos of the damage to the box and contents and contact the carrier. Keep all shipping cartons and email Modular Robotics as soon as possible at

Still have questions?  We’d love to help! You can always reach us at

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