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Will I have to pay additional fees when shipping internationally?

Any customs duties/fees/VAT imposed by governmental authorities or local carriers once the package is shipped are the responsibility of the customer.

It’s possible you’ll have to pay additional fees on orders shipped internationally. Whether additional fees will be charged on your package depends on the value of your order and the import regulations specific to your country. Each country charges different customs fees, VAT tax, and import fees dependent on the import product category (Toys & Games: Construction kit).

To complete your international order through, you must agree to these terms at checkout. International orders can not be completed through without first agreeing to these terms.

If your package is returned to Modular Robotics due to failure to pay customs duties or VAT taxes on your import, you will be refunded the total purchase amount remaining after original shipping cost, any customs fees paid to release the package, and return shipping costs are deducted.

For any questions pertaining to Duties and Taxes, please contact us.

Still have questions?  We’d love to help! You can always reach us at
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