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Save big with these MOSS Specials!


Futuristic building blocks of ingenious invention.
Oodles of robotic possibilities at your fingertips.
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MOSS Zombonitron 1600

Build upon your budding interest in robotics with the Zombonitron 1600. Combine the 16 included robot pieces and 56 steel spheres to create hundreds of robot curiosities that respond to proximity or light. This little kit enables a micro-universe of kinematic creation and the best place to start inventing your own robots!

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Ages 8+ / Free shipping in the USA

MOSS in Motion

Watch this lovely video to learn more about MOSS. Just click play.

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MOSS Huck Tank

The world’s most amazing robot construction kit, in full Shogun livery! The HUCK TANK is a limited edition collaboration between Modular Robotics and Huck Gee. Created to commemorate the launch of MOSS, only 186 tanks were ever made!

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Ages 8+ / Free shipping in the USA

MOSS in Motion

Watch this lovely video to learn more about MOSS. Just click play.

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Save big with these MOSS Specials!
MOSS Individual Blocks
MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200

If you want it all, then you need the MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200. Bask in the luxurious glow of thousands and thousands of robotic possibilities. The included Double Brain Block allows you to control your robots using a suite of free apps, or reprogram your robots to exhibit entirely new behavior. Use 52 robot components and 140 steel spheres to build a humongous hodgepodge of robots that drive, squiggle, crawl, bend, and glow!

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Ages 8+ / Free shipping in the USA

Robot Recipes

Turn blocks into robots!
See some of the infinite
robotic possiblities of MOSS.

Robot Recipes


Embrace your inner inventor while building millions of robots.
Discover how to connect MOSS blocks together to build robots.

How To Build


Learn to program the robots you create with Scratch, or write your own code with C.
MOSS has two great programming languages to help you learn how to code.
Discover Programming


Pilot your robots iOS and Android Devices.
Remotely control your racer or robotic rover with Bluetooth®.

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Recurrent MOSS Inquiries (FAQs)

  • Aren't tiny magnets dangerous? +

    Yes, they could be. Luckily, the MOSS spheres are not magnets! They're just regular steel spheres. The magnets are embedded in the corners of the larger plastic pieces.
    Remember Buckyballs? They were tiny magnets and if eaten, they could stick together in your intestines causing extreme injury or even death. They were banned in the USA because a few people ate them and passed away.
    Many people assume that the little chrome spheres used to connect MOSS blocks are magnets like Buckyballs, but they're NOT! They don't stick to each other at all. This is one of the reasons MOSS is for children ages 8 and up. We still don't recommend eating the spheres, but if it happened you'd probably be OK. None the less, if you swallow any robot pieces we do recommend you see a doctor.

  • Do you sell MOSS Blocks indivdually? +

    We do!

  • What age is MOSS appropriate for? +

    MOSS is labeled for children 8 and up. Adults love it too!

  • I don't know how to program, can I still play? +

    Yes indeed! MOSS and Cubelets don't require programming to build and play. But if you'd like to expand your play experience and reprogram your robots to behavior differently, you can use one of our free programming environments!