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MOSS Robot Construction System

Build your own robots with MOSS, the intuitive, fun, kinematic robot construction system. No coding required, no tangled wires, oodles of configurations!

I missed your Kickstarter and/or Pre-orders, can I still order a kit now?
Sorry, not right now! Please see the answer for "How can I order MOSS?" below.
How can I order MOSS?
MOSS will be available for purchase very soon. Right now we're busy getting the first kits out to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. As soon as those budding robotisists have their MOSS, we'll have a slew of kits available for you order. We are also working with a few resellers to have our products on store shelves! Want to be notified when MOSS is available? Sign up for our email newsletter.
Are MOSS and Cubelets inter-compatible?
Not yet. MOSS and Cubelets are both awesome robot construction systems, but they work very differently. There are no technical challenges to designing an adapter module, but right now our team is focused on creating all sorts of cool new MOSS modules. Someday!
Will the mobile apps be released for iOS? For Android?
Yes. We release all of our apps on both platforms. Some might make it out on one platform a little sooner than the other, but we develop for both in tandem.
What about desktop software?
If the campaign hits its third stretch goal of $564k, we'll be fast tracking the launch of two apps for programming MOSS robots: MOSS Flash and MOSS Scratch. Eric wrote a blog post with details: http://www.modrobotics.com/blog/…
Why does MOSS Control have eight sliders? There are only six faces on a cube.
You're right, cubes have six faces. The MOSS Bluetooth Module is a double-length cube, or a 2x1x1 unit, and those have ten faces. One is taken up by the Bluetooth-specific face and status LED, another is taken up by a power face, and that leaves 8 data faces on the module. There's one read/write slider for each of these faces.
What ages are MOSS appropriate for?
MOSS is labeled for 8 years old and up.
How do I program my MOSS robot?

Good question. When you snap MOSS modules together, you're not only building the physical body of the robot, but you're also building its behavior. Connecting sensors to actuators in novel ways will equip your robot with interesting reactive behaviors that can appear surprisingly intentional.

If you really want to write computer programs for your MOSS creation, you'll be able to do that too. Details on programming here: http://www.modrobotics.com/blog/…

Can I buy the custom parts in the Shogun Tank kit (like the Shooty module) individually or in another kit?