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Greetings We’re Modular Robotics

Modular Robotics is home to humans who design, engineer, and test tiny robots. Everyday we work to build robot construction systems for kids because we believe that toys shape the way children think about the world. Our goal is to create remarkably fun play experiences that impart intuitive understanding of complex systems and design thinking. Our team is comprised of designers, software developers, salespeople, and operations… operators. Together we combine our forces to fight oversized monsters with our wicked Kung Fu skills and make the most delightful little robots.

Who is Modular Robotics?

Design & Engineering

Eric Schweikardt

CEO & Design Director
Stu Barwick

Brand Manager and Product Design

Emily Eissenberg

Director of Education
Nicole Parrot

Director of Engineering


Matthew Capron

Head of Production

Sylvia Johnston

VP Finance

Anna Chen

Accounting Assistant

Chips Theriot

Arbiter of Quality

Dash Morrison

Physical Operations Generalist

Mitch Kremm

Head of Support & Building Manager

Andrew Richo

Physical Operations Generalist

Jin Shiqin

Supply Chain & Production


Jen Cousins

Education Account Director

Rebecca Dolmon

Education Account Manager

Board of Directors

Eric Schweikardt

Mark D Gross

Brad Feld